Welcome to your greatest adventure yet, the adventure within.

This monthly membership has been designed to take your curiosity and to nurture it with wisdom, perspective, community and expertise to empower you to live and breathe a life that lights you up, from the inside out.

We know ‘going inward’ can be a confusing, lonely and sometimes overwhelming journey to embark on and so we’re here to take your hand and lead the way…

In this membership we have hand selected the very best experts in their field to share their wisdom and together, we will explore the foundations and begin building the tools necessary to reclaim your personal power. The invaluable practices and experiences within this membership will put you back in the drivers seat and on the road to more joy and peace than you ever knew was possible.

Start your spiritual journey with people that get it. You don’t have to do it alone.

Every month you will receive…

this is your journey home.
  • On-demand video library access (your self care tool kit, accessible 24/7)
  • 1-hour live themed Zoom workshop with an expert (recorded for playback)
  • Monthly themed workbook
  • New moon and full moon energy downloads from our in house astrologer Tarra Lee
  • New moon and full moon journal prompts
  • 1-hour live circle and practice for monthly reflection and connection
  • 4+ NEW pre-recorded practices to integrate the monthly topic PLUS monthly yoga practices from our in-house Yogi and movement specialist Char
  • 24/7 Intentional community support on Telegram
  • Access to ALL previous workshops, workbooks and content.

Previous workshops, available instantly when you join…

on demand replay
  • Building Conscious Awareness – Ego vs. Soul
  • The Power Of Your Breath – An Introduction To Breathwork
  • Meet Your Inner Child – Learning To Show Up For Yourself
  • Becoming a Boundary Boss
  • E-motional Experiencing – Energy In Motion
  • The Subconscious Mind – What’s Running Your Life?
  • Trauma Bonds – What’s Your Love Story?
  • Your Triggers As Your Mirrors
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