i’m Mollie, your mind body and soul bff. Breathwork and expanding consciousness is my jam. Exploring the human potential and stepping into it, is what I teach.

Mollie is a trauma informed, full spectrum breathwork facilitator having completed her Tantra Kundalini yoga training, Oxygen Advantage Functional Breathwork Training and Sacred Breath Academy Conscious Connected Training. She works with individuals and groups, using the breath as a doorway to a deeper connection with self and to enhance both health and vitality on the mental, physical and emotional planes. Mollie understands the way we breathe is a metaphor for our unique relationship to life and every session she offers, offers an opportunity to reclaim one’s inner power and unlock the inner wise teacher within.


200-hour Sacred Conscious Connected Breathwork Facilitator
200-hour Tantra-Kundalini Yoga Teacher
100-Hour Oxygen Advantage Functional Breathwork
Level 3 Sound Therapy Practitioner

my story

How did I end up here?

I’ve always been curious and I’ve never hesitated to pursue that curiosity. I think if you love to travel, curiosity is in your nature. From a very young age I was a performer… singing, dancing, expressing and channeling the strong emotionality I was experiencing, through my body and words.

I first channelled this energy into singing, then in 2013 I went backpacking around SE Asia and fell in love with storytelling through photography and writing. I went on to travel full time with my travel blog for 7 years and made an incredible success out of my curiosity and guiding others with theirs. In 2020, life as i knew it came to a halt and the pandemic stripped away the life, income, relationship and world that I identified so closely with. I was gifted with time and space to take my own adventure within and upon reflection, this was my spiritual awakening.

The following 3 years had me inhale over 50+ self help and spiritual books and go on an incredibly intense healing journey. I went on to study and become certified in Tantra Kundalini Yoga, Conscious Connected Breathwork, Sound Therapy and Functional Breathwork to deepen my anchor and share the liberation I had experienced through this work, with others.

In June 2022 I launched Wellbeing platform Adventuring Within and now i’m so excited to launch new offerings and ways to work with me in 2023 and beyond.

‘The more deeply you are able to connect to and understand yourself, the more deeply you are able to connect to and enjoy the world around you.’